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Wabigoon Citrus Cleaner has been proven to be very effective as a general purpose, low-foaming industrial degreaser in applications including general housekeeping, maintenance, pressure washing, surface preparation, degreasing, floor scrubbing, and a host of other applications. It can be used with a mop and bucket as well as floor-scrubbing units and can be used on both epoxy-coated and concrete floors using either warm or cold water. This product works with a neutral pH and has the power of citrus-blended additives. It is biodegradable and environmentally safe.

WA1222932     12 x 32oz (concentrated)

WA1232401     4 x 1gal (concentrated)

WA1242005     5gal pail (concentrated)

WA1252055     55gal drum (concentrated)

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Citrus Cleaner